The Bluefish Story...

In 1993 the “roads” of three people crossed, and a Record Label was born, this label was called “Mosquito records” and these three people were called “Bee”(Bernard F. / label manager) “Mars”(Marcia W. / singer) and “Rio”(Adrien Zerbini / producer).

A couple of months after they started working together, Dme Records signed a record deal for three singles with the first act they produced, a euro-dance act called “Rio and Mars”

The first single they released “Boy I gotta have you” went to number 46 in the national UK charts:

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Rio&Mars: "Boy I Gotta Have You"   

At the time Dme Records had a label deal with EMI UK and Europe, the single was released all over Europe. Apart from UK, the best results came from Spain.

The second and the third single released by Dme were “How deep is love” and “Gimme gimme gimme”, the cover of the Abba song went to number 1 in the UK dance chart.

Rio&Mars: "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme"    

In the studio Rio and Mars recorded over thirty songs, Euro Dance as well as Soul songs, Rio and Mars always considered Soul Music as the base of their music:

  Mars: "Dedicate"    

In 1994, Mosquito started to produce different projects, some were very innovative (at the time), with VEE we produced the act “Substance”, mixing pop and jungle:

Substance: "Living For Fantasy"   

In 1995, Mosquito met a singer called  Sharon, we worked together on a “street-soul” project: G-Vibe:

 G-Vibe "I Will Say Goodbye"   

In 1996, Mosquito worked with a singer/songwriter called Soren, together we did “Full Moon” a Euro dance project signed by Dme records UK and was successfully released in Spain:

Full Moon "So Much In Love"   

In 1998, Rio  (producers of all the Mosquito's projects) decided to create his own publishing and producing company…
Bluefish Production was born, the first signature came with a Dance/Samba tune called “Amazonia” and was performed by the brilliant Brazilian singer Diana Miranda:

Covado "Amazonia"   

The encounter with Diana Miranda temped Rio to produce some Word music in 1999, the idea was to mix pop song with typical music… 

 Tania de la luz:  "A Mi Manera"    

  Diana Miranda: "Aeroporto di Galeo"         

Today, we are developing new projects, in partnership with one of the most successful publishers of Germany: Sunwater Music: