Singers Opportunities :

BLUEFISH production is currently developing different projects in which the singers are not yet found.

As we've been auditioning in London the 17th and the 18th of June, we are please to say that singers for project A & B are found, and we have very good contact for the project C, but as you can read at the end of this page we are always interested to hear any good singers... 

We are (we were) looking for:

  -A vocalist to lead a young solo pop/R&B project, we are looking for a girl with a fresh and original voice (with a soul feeling), ready to face this type of project... (PROJECT A)

  -A vocalist to feature in an electro project, a real soul voice in the vain of Anita Baker or Randy Crawford, a voice with a strong personality.
In our mind, the singer of this project will not need to appear, this could be a “faceless” project... or not.

 - A vocalist to lead a pop/folk project with studio and stage opportunities. We are looking for a voice with personality and emphasis in the vain of Stevie Nicks, Tori Amos or Alanis Morissette(PROJECT C)

If you recognize yourself in these definitions, please don’t hesitate to send us material, the simplest thing to do is to send your demo to our office (please mention the project (A,B or C) you're sending your demo for)

You can also email us an MP3 (WMA or REAL) file, if you do so, please avoid sending too big files (see our help pages). 

We cover plane tickets of the artist we work with, and we take care of them in Switzerland....  

We Believe that the voice is the major “emotional factor” in the music (that’s why we respect the voices in our productions).
As emotion is a very subjective thing, we really need to “fall in love” with a voice to work with it. That also means that if you don’t feel you have the exact definitions of the voices we are looking for right now, but you believe your voice is good and original, please don’t hesitate to send us something... you never know…