As we know  Partnership is a very important point in the music industry:

BlueFish Publishing is working under  sub publishing (or co publishing, depending on the project) agreement with A La Carte Music in Germany

A la Carte Music is one of the most successful publisher of Germany (year after year in the publishing top ten), but A la Carte Music is also an independent, which means that our projects are not locked by any major, that  also means that we are represented all over the world by the partners of A la Carte Music, which finally means, (and this is very important) that we all work in a small team, it creates a kind of family spirit.

To know more about Sunwater Music, click on the logo to visit their home page.

Of course “partners” of Bluefish Production are also the Artists we are working with. We always do our best to work in excellent conditions as we know that uncomfortable situations never help the music...and music is what we like...