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Japan: Toshiba EMI (used for the Japanese TV add NISSAN MOCO)

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Eldissa reimagines the disco classics as bossa nova and acoustic lounge.

The songs chosen for What A Difference… include disco tracks made famous by The BeeGees, Abba and Michael Jackson. Eldissa transform these well known pieces into their own brand of Brazilian cool, blending the Bossa Nova sound and a healthy measure of Lounge-Chic into these classic tracks.

It took us two years of hard work, selecting just the right songs, choosing the best tempo and creating the lush arrangements heard on this recording. At this point, we began the search for the singer best suited to lead the music. After advertising widely, and selecting from over 120 singers, they chose three brilliant female vocalists.

Ambient backgrounds combine with cleanly played acoustic guitar to create unexpected new possibilities which the soothingly phrased vocals float over. Even in the midst of a hectic city day, the listener can feel transported away to a sun-drenched beach, or perhaps a sophisticated lounge party.

Eldissa’s classy arrangements and the obvious respect for the songs chosen add a deeper level of musicality in a genre where sometimes gimmickry and superficiality are paramount. With “What a Difference…” the subtleties in the music are allowed to seep through without stifling the sense of sheer fun and joie de vivre.

For those who enjoy a relaxed sophistication in their music, without requiring the all-too prevalent, world-weary cynicism that often accompanies it, Eldissa’s “What a difference…” provides a refreshing change.

de L'amour:

Her Caribbean roots combined with her soulful vocal style have added a smooth and sophisticated flavour to the bossa nova music,
de L'amour’s voice has captured the Eldissa project accurately.

To Give different flavours to this project, 2 other singers recorded for Eldissa:


highly expressive and soulful singer, Mars is based in London, she shares Caribbean roots with de L'amour, her lead vocal on 'Gimme gimme' gives a good idea of her unique voice


born in New York, Chloé is now based in Switzerland, fresh and crystal clear voice, she's giving Eldissa an other brilliant sunny taste... have a try in "Funky Town".

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