Bluefish's Help:

-To listen to the samples of songs in our site:

To listen to samples of our songs, simply click on the WMA or the REAL boxes on our pages... most of the computers read WMA (Windows Media Audio), that must be the case if youíre running a windows (95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP) OS. If this is not the case, we suggest you download the Media Player from Windows:

Some very good alternative to this player exist, one of them reads almost all the audio format, itís the DBpowerAMP player:

If you are on any other OS than Windows, we suggest you download the Real Player, be careful thereís a Free and a non Free version:

If for any reason, you have a player and it doesnít open  when you click on the boxes in our site, or if you have frequent interruptions when you try to listen to the samples, you may need to download the sample on your hard disk before listening to it: to do so, click with the right button on the boxes, and follow the instructions.